Acronym: DISRUPT
Period: 01.04.2023 – 31.03.2025
Status: Current


DISRUPT Project is designed to respond to one of the main priorities of the EU Policy Cycle (2022+), child trafficking. Taking into consideration the rise in technology facilitated trafficking of human beings, specifically in the context of sexual exploitation of children, the DISRUPT project is aiming to improve investigations, prosecutions and the judicial response based on digital evidence in the area of trafficking of children. Starting from the need for an effective and comprehensive response in terms of overcoming challenges relating to technology facilitating trafficking of children, DISRUPT project will develop an innovative for the future use of digital evidences which will increase the capabilities of digital-evidence-based investigations, prosecutions as well as judicial responses in the area of Trafficking of Human Beings. Apart from enhancing professionalscapabilities in terms of digital-evidence based investigations, DISRUPT aims to establish guidance for future cooperation mechanisms for relevant authorities and practitioners to cooperate regarding THB.

DISRUPT objectives are:

developing an integrated approach encompassing improved digital capabilities of law enforcement and expertise;

enhancing coordination of law enforcement authorities;

building new and strengthened partnerships of public bodies and private companies in order to harness innovation and expertise in digital evidence and technology;

raising awareness of the general public and ensuring EU wide dissemination of good practices.

The consortium consists of 5 partners from five different EU Member States - Bulgaria, Malta, Italy, Austria and Belgium.

The DISRUPT project is coordinated by the University of Malta and is implemented under the European Commission's ISF programme under contract No 101101918.