Law and Internet Foundation actively participates in the implementation of projects developing the overall national legislative framework and the practice of the judiciary, state offices, local authorities and local administration.

Law and Internet Foundation takes part in the development on the contemporary Bulgarian legislation in the information and communication technologies area such as the Electronic Commerce Act, the Electronic Governance Act, the Electronic Communications Act, the Commercial Register Act, the last amendments of the Electronic Communications Act, the amendments of the e-Documents and e-Signatures Act and the secondary legislation on its implementation, the cyber-crimes section of the Criminal Code, and many other acts of primary and secondary legislation.

Among the more interesting projects of the Foundation is also the preparation of a complete analysis “Implementing EU Legal Requirements on the Re-Use of public sector information into Bulgarian legislation” supporting the elaboration of legislative proposals on the public relations connected to the re-use of information collected and stored from the public sector (2005); development of a package of proposals for changes in the legislation connected to accessibility and incorporation in building a modern and unify vision of the Bulgarian state administration (2008), etc.