Acronym: LEAGUE
Status: Finished



The Limiting online sexual Exploitation and Abuse Gender based on Underaged boys by Educating experts (LEAGUE) is a project aiming to prevent sexual abuse of boys aged 10-18 online. The project duration is 24 months, and it will be implemented into two main streams – the first one encompasses the international and national training programmes, while the second one is dedicated to the elaboration of an Internet Platform and Chatbot. The former includes 2 international trainings which will be held in Vienna, Austria. They will target psychologists, carers, social workers, law enforcement, lawyers, prosecutors. On the other hand, 4 national trainings in each partner country are envisaged. The latter will address teachers, parents, school psychologists and will be focused on behavioural science which will contribute to spotting signs of online child sexual abuse and how to address such matters as well as potential prevention measures. The boys aged 10-18, who are the main subject of the project, will actively participate in the creation of the Internet Platform and chatbot under the LEAGUE project. The Platform and the planned activities will guarantee the high level of awareness which the project aims to achieve so as to enhance the prevention and reporting of online child sexual abuse of boys aged 10-18. Additionally, the foreseen activities aim to improve the competences of the stakeholders who are working with the victims of such crimes.

Project goals:

  • To prevent the sexual abuse of boys online;
  • to strengthen the capacity of the professionals who work with that vulnerable group of victims;
  • to increase attention and safety of boys online;
  • to increase awareness and knowledge of parents, teachers, psychologists who communicate with children, especially boys, victims of crime online;
  • to create and implement Internet platform & chatbot which will provide information and answer basic questions in the context of online sexual abuse.

Coordinator & partnership:

The project LEAGUE is coordinated by Law and Internet Foundation and will be implemented together with CESIE (Italy), Institut Pravnih Znanosti, Razizkave in Razvoj na Podrocju, Maribor (Slovenia), Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (Greece), SYNYO GmBH (Austria).

The project is implemented with the support of the CERV of the European Commission under Grant Agreement № 101049294.