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11.09.2009 / #Invitations

WebIt: e-Bussines & e-Marketing Expo

Webit is the only B2B Internet Business and Marketing Exhibition & Conference for Southeastern Europe.

11.09.2009 / #Invitations

Bulgarian - Russian Forum for Information Cooperation and Cybersecurity

On 15 – 17 September 2009, in the town of Nessebar, an international conference between Russia and Bulgaria on the topic “Information Cooperation and...

11.09.2009 / #Invitations

8th National Conference "Information Security and Systems for data storage"

On 30 September 2009, Sheraton Hotel, Sofia the 8th National Conference on the topic “Information Security and Systems for data storage” will be held.

24.08.2009 / #Media Coverage

Filed a complaint in court with e-signature to 1 year

Within a year our citizens will gain the opportunity to file claims and complaints in court already and electronically.

17.08.2009 / #Invitations

Law and Internet Foundation organizes seminar on"Preparation for Certification of IT Projects’ Assignments in Conformity with the e-Governance Act requirements"

The seminar has pure practical objective – issues discussed as part of the designated programme are controversial matters that the participants raised...

12.08.2009 / #Invitations

Illicit Networks Workshop

The Centre for Transnational Crime Prevention, University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia is holding a workshop over two days to look at the...

28.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

Changes in the law allowing e-communication with the judiciary

In the presence of technological opportunity judicial authorities will allow performance of any proceedings in electronic form.

21.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

Forthcomingthe issuance of documents and filing claims can be made electronically

Draft legislation regulating the use of electronic documents and electronic signature in the courts, discussed at a round table organized by the Supre...

20.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

1 year electronic signature and e-document will come into judiciary

Spelling rules that permitted under certain technological readiness and decision of the Supreme Judicial Council to submit to the citizens...

15.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

Every third at home deceived on the Internet

Every third user in Bulgaria was a target of financial fraud attempt on the Internet. 1/5 of the people do not even suspect that such crimes exist, co...

15.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

1/5 of the Internet users are unaware of the existence of online frauds

Around 30% of the Internet users in Bulgaria are victims of online frauds every year. The most difficult issue is trace the identity of the probable d...

04.07.2009 / #Media Coverage

Electronic books gain greater popularity in Bulgaria

The disturbing question “Will the mouse eat the paper?” has a new version – will the electronic books take the place of the paper based? According to...

02.07.2009 / #Invitations

Electronic Newsletter on the Fight Against Cybercrime (ENAC)

Information regarding to the Electronic Newsletter on the Fight Against Cybercrime

21.06.2009 / #Invitations

CYBERCRIMES Index: Call for Book Chapters

by Dr. P. Madhava Soma Sundaram

16.06.2009 / #Invitations

WORLD е-ID'09 Conference

From 22 to 25 September in Nice, France will be held WORLD е-ID'09 Conference.

08.06.2009 / #Media Coverage

Electronic Governance Act principles are not directly applicable in the judicial system

Electronic signature and electronic document will be introduced in judicial institutions step-by-step…

01.06.2009 / #Media Coverage

Software’s copyrights are the most frequently rights infringed upon in Bulgaria

Infringements of copyright, especially of software, unauthorized dissemination of systems’ passwords and codes as well as computer viruses are the mos...

19.05.2009 / #Projects

"Implementation of the Electronic Document and the Electronic Signature in the Judicial System” Round Table

On the round table “Implementation the Electronic Document and the Electronic Signature in the Judicial System”, organized by the Supreme Judicial Cou...

25.04.2009 / #Media Coverage

New business models for downloading and sharing legal content on the Internet

One of the examples that best illustrate these new business models is the emergence of the portal of BTK.

21.04.2009 / #Media Coverage

IT systems in the courts start to “communicate”

The Supreme Judicial Council though the Operational Programme “Administrative Capacity”, elaborated a project of value 2 013 470 lv., for the purposes...

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