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21.01.2005 / #Media Coverage

“E-Health” Foundation will mediate between the business and government in the heath reforms

Few days before the New Year “E-Health in Bulgaria” Foundation was officially registered. Its objective is to develop “e-health” on a national level,...

07.01.2005 / #Media Coverage

The e-Commerce draft law for will be ready in two months

The cabinet expects the act to be voted in May - June. The new working group starts preparation of the long expected law for electronic commerce. With...

07.01.2005 / #Media Coverage

The e-Commerce draft law enters into the National Assembly until the end of March

New working group with the participation of European consultants starts the preparation of the final version of the act that will be harmonized with t...

07.01.2005 / #Media Coverage

The project can be prepared for a month

Usually, the elaboration of such a project necessitates around three months of work. However, if maximum efforts are put, it can be done for only a mo...

07.01.2005 / #Media Coverage

Only an e-Commerce norm is not enough

The short deadline for preparation of the Electronic Commerce draft law in Bulgaria is far from being the only obstacle to the regulation of the so ca...

05.11.2004 / #Media Coverage

Council of the Information Services will accelerate the e-Government realization

With a governmental ordinance on 28th of October, a Coordination Council on Information Society was created, announced on the organized round table of...

25.06.2004 / #Media Coverage

George Dimitrov was elected as Chairman of the newly created Center for Law

Center for Law and Information and Communication Technologies (CLICT) is part of the Law and Internet Foundation. George Dimitrov is senior associate...

14.11.2003 / #Media Coverage

On-line broadcasting of lawsuits and trials in Varna

Joint project of the District Court Varna and the Law and Internet Foundation will give the opportunity lawsuits of public interest to be broadcasted...

27.12.2001 / #Media Coverage

Is a Certification Service Provider needed for the creation of electronic signature?

The electronic commerce progress is a powerful incentive for the development of the small and medium business. The big challenge…

19.10.2001 / #Media Coverage

Legal portal will provide for with online commerce

The Internet space designated for the Bulgarian legal professionals as well as anyone else in need for information related to law enforcement…

28.03.2001 / #Media Coverage

Bulgaria has an e-Notary

If you are a certified lawyer, expert accountant or a banker, you can be, contingent upon some other conditions, certified for an electronic notary. W...

01.01.1970 / #Projects

Successful completion of the E-PROTECT project!

The Law and Internet Foundation is proud to inform that last week it marked the successful completion of the E-PROTECT project, implemented with the s...

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