06.11.2019 / #Media Coverage

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva: "The modern etiquette is about making other people feel good in your company"

Оn October 23th 2019 the Executive Director of Law and Internet Foundation Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva take part in extensive interview in Bloombe...

29.10.2019 / #Projects

E-PROTECT Methodology: presented to experts from all over Europe

A dedicated workshop on the E-PROTECT methodology for individual needs’ assessment of child victims of crime was part of the event’s programme.

23.10.2019 / #Projects

FAIR Interim meeting in Athens, Greece

On the 15-16 October 2019, the Center for Security Studies in Athens hosted the second face-to-face work meeting of FAIR team members.

23.10.2019 / #Projects

Find out how the usage of new technologies by organised crime could be prevented from the video on COPKIT

Watch the new video of the COPKIT project, which presents its goals and the ways that they will be achieved.

21.10.2019 / #Projects

Informing refugees and migrants in Bulgaria about their rights and obligations

Currently, the first encounter of asylum seekers with their main rights and obligations should be sought in the induction discussions the State Agency...

15.10.2019 / #Projects

Round table in Sofia under the PRESENT project

On October 14th a Round Table was held at the House of Europe in Sofia. The event was organized and conducted by Law and Internet Foundation's team wi...

15.10.2019 / #Projects

KA3 TRAIN Project International Meeting in Helsinki, Finland

On 4 – 6 October 2019, the second mobility of the TRAIN Project (Tracing Integration Policies through Structured Dialogue) - an international meeting...

10.10.2019 / #Projects

Successful completion of the E-PROTECT project!

The Law and Internet Foundation is proud to inform that last week it marked the successful completion of the E-PROTECT project, implemented with the s...

08.10.2019 / #Projects

Facilitating refugee and migrant employment in Bulgaria

Bulgaria reports record low numbers of occupancy of its refugee centres, but problems remain with finding and keeping employment of refugees and migra...

07.10.2019 / #Projects

Final conference on the E-PROTECT project in Bucharest, Romania

A Final Conference on the E-PROTECT project was held in Bucharest, Romania on September 24th, attended by all partners together with international gue...

07.10.2019 / #Projects

October is here and European Cybersecurity Month with it!

An annual event that gathers young talent from across Europe to have fun and compete in Europe's No. 1 cybersecurity challenge - online safety for you...

07.10.2019 / #Projects

MIICT interviews in Bulgaria – requirements elicitation

In May-June 2019 the Bulgarian MIICT team from the Center for the Study of Democracy conducted a series of interviews with refugees and migrants, NGOs...

27.09.2019 / #Projects

"What do other countries do for better protection of children victims of crime" - comment by Denitsa Kozhuharova, Human Rights Division, and Zhivko Zhelyazkov, Legal Expert at Law and Internet Foundation

Denitsa Kozhuharova, Head of the Human Rights Department, and Zhivko Zhelyazkov, Legal Associate at the Law and Internet Foundation, with a comment ab...

26.09.2019 / #Expert activities

Dr. Martin Zahariev, Legal Expert at Law and Internet Foundation, took part in Bulgarian Digital Week

On 24.09.2019. Dr. Martin Zahariev, Legal Expert at Law and Internet Foundation, participated in the event "Bulgarian Digital Week", which took place...

20.09.2019 / #Projects

FORMOBILE First Work Package 1 Meeting in Munich

On 16-17 September 2019, FORMOBILE partners gathered in Munich, Germany, for their first Work Package 1 meeting to review the progress made so far in...

20.09.2019 / #Projects

A two-day workshop meeting on Project GUARD was held in Sofia!

The team of the GUARD project gathered for a two-day workshop meeting, which took place on 11th and 12th of September in Sofia, Bulgaria

11.09.2019 / #Media Coverage

Desislava Krasteva, Senior legal expert to the Law and Internet Foundation: "The sanctions are not self-sufficient for the re-education effect"

In an interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, Desislava Krasteva, Senior legal expert to the Law and Internet Foundation commented on the recent topic of...

05.09.2019 / #Media Coverage

Prof. Dr. Georgе Dimitrov commented on a new fraud with "mysterious boxes" on the Internet

In an interview for Nova TV Bulgaria, Prof. Dr. Georgе Dimitrov, Chairperson of Law and Internet Foundation, commented on a new fraud with "mysterious...

29.08.2019 / #Projects

Learn more about children's rights and their effective application from the videos on E-PROTECT

Very often, when it comes to child crime victims, there are cases in which they are approached with insufficient attention and contrary to their inter...

27.08.2019 / #Media Coverage

Martin Zahariev, Ph.D., Law and Internet Foundation expert: I am not convinced that financing will solve the problems of the European technological companies

In an interview for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, Martin Zahariev, Ph.D., from the Law and Internet Foundation, commented on the agreement reached between F...

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