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13.11.2015 / #Expert activities

Conference „Trust, Privacy and Security of Personal Data in the Digital World”

The first edition of the international conference „Trust, Privacy and Security of Personal Data in the Digital World” will be held between 17th and...

09.11.2015 / #Projects

MAPPING Project at IGF

Cybersecurity and trust; the Internet economy; inclusiveness and diversity; openness; enhancing multi-stakeholder cooperation; the Internet and human...

06.11.2015 / #Projects

CITYCoP Steering Committee Meeting

Оn 04 - 06 November 2015 in Malta а Steering Committee Meeting on the project CITYCoP was held.

23.10.2015 / #Projects

EVIDENCE Interim Steering Committee Meeting

On 22 October 2015 in Sofia, an Interim Steering Committee Meeting was held following the project progress between July and October 2015.

22.10.2015 / #Projects

Experts’ Discussions on the Status Quo of Electronic Evidence

A Discussion Workshop on the Results on WP3 ‘Legal Issues’, WP4 ‘Technical Issues’, WP6 ‘Law Enforcement Issues’ and WP 8 ‘Data Protection Issues’ (St...

21.10.2015 / #Expert activities

Microsoft Conference INDEED WЕ CAN

Prof. Dr. Georgе Dimitrov took place as a lecturer in Microsoft conference INDEED WЕ CAN.

12.10.2015 / #Expert activities

Law and Internet Foundation - Participant in UN Global Compact

Since 12 October 2015 Law and Internet Foundation is a Participant in UN Global Compact.

09.10.2015 / #Projects

CARISMAND Kick-off Meeting in Groningen, The Netherlands

On 8th and 9th of October 2015 the CARISMAND project held its Kick-Off Meeting in Groningen, The Netherlands.

05.10.2015 / #Projects

Upcoming EVIDENCE Status Quo Workshop in Sofia!

On 20 - 21 October 2015 in Sofia, EVIDENCE will host a workshop in the status quo of electronic evidence.

01.10.2015 / #Media Coverage

Law and Internet Foundation - partner of Bulgarian Domain Register Association

Two participants are competing for the right to manage the Cyrillic domain...

28.09.2015 / #Projects

From Privacy to Freedom of Expression: the Continuum in 2015 – 2020

The annual event of the MAPPING project,, has become a recognised European platform for the exchange of views of a multi-sta...

18.09.2015 / #Projects

MAPPING First General Assembly

The First General Assembly will take place on 22 and 23 September 2015 at Hannover Congress Centrum.

16.09.2015 / #Media Coverage

Webinar IaaS: more flexible and more powerful corporate IT infrastructures

Desislava Krusteva, attorney at law, was an official guest and lecturer in the online discussion IaaS: more flexible and more powerful corporate IT in...

16.09.2015 / #Expert activities

Webinar IaaS: more flexible and more powerful corporate IT infrastructures

On September 16, 2015, was held а Webinar IaaS: more flexible and more powerful corporate IT infrastructures.

16.09.2015 / #Media Coverage

Starting companies or projects - the most suitable transfer to rented infrastructure

Desislava Krusteva, attorney at law, participated in the discussion IaaS: more flexible and more powerful corporate IT infrastructures, organized by t...

08.09.2015 / #Expert activities

IDC Cloud Leadership Forum 2015

Desislava Krusteva, attorney at law and senior expert with Law and Internet Foundation participated in the IDC Cloud Leadership Forum 2015 as a lectur...

08.09.2015 / #Media Coverage

SLA should guarantee the quality of the cloud services

For the businesses it is important to receive cloud services with certain quality, whose parameters shall be determined by the so-called Service L...

13.07.2015 / #Media Coverage

Electronic Justice is crucial for the judicial reform, it will have a disciplinary effect on the magistrates

In Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov’s opinion the number of lawyers on the Bulgarian market is greater than what’s necessary for servicing the existing legal...

10.07.2015 / #Projects

Digital Evidence: Juridical and Technological Aspects

Оn 06 - 07 July 2015 in Florence, Italy, a two-day expert meeting on Electronic Evidence Exchange at national and international level was organized.

09.07.2015 / #Media Coverage

20 people a month become victims of bank cards frauds

Interview with Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, Chairman of Law and Internet Foundation about computer crimes focusing on the bank cards frauds and the so c...

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