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30.06.2015 / #Expert activities

Scientific and Applied Conference „E-LAW.BG”

Desislava Krusteva - Senior Legal Expert with Law and Internet Foundation, took place as a lecturer in the First National Scientific Conference „E-LAW...

26.06.2015 / #Media Coverage

Electronic Justice - terminology and principles of the reform

The reform of the judicial system is unconditionally related to one of the key elements of the Electronic Justice Governance Concept, namely the Imple...

23.06.2015 / #Projects

CITYCoP Kick-off Meeting in Groningen, The Netherlands

On 22-23 June 2015, the CITYCoP project held its Kick-Off Meeting in Groningen, The Netherlands.

06.06.2015 / #Expert activities

Scientific Conference „Contemporary Challenges before the Information Security Systems”

The National Military University „Vasil Levski” („Artillery, Air Defense and CIS” Faculty) hosted a scientific conference on „Contemporary Challenges...

01.06.2015 / #Projects

The 2nd MAPPING Newsletter has been published!

Check out the 2nd MAPPING Newsletter.

29.05.2015 / #Media Coverage

Electronic identification can save time and money

Interview with Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov about the difference between electronic identification and electronic signature and their co-existence, what...

26.05.2015 / #Media Coverage

Final Press Conference under the project „Development of a Qualification Programme for Magistrates Beyond the Scope of the One Implemented by the NIJ. Development of Training Modules for Implementation of Specialised Trainings for Magistrates”

The Supreme Judicial Council presented the results of a European project about increasing of competence and professional qualifications of magistrat...

18.05.2015 / #Projects

MAPPING to Discuss Internet Governance in Bulgaria

In June 4 - 5, 2015, MAPPING project partners will participate in multi-stakeholder discussions on Internet governance issues at two inter-related...

15.05.2015 / #Media Coverage

Magistrate training in Petrich

Magistrate training in Petrich: Electronic evidences, documents and signatures brought together judges, lawyers and prosecutors with Prof. Dr. Georgе...

08.05.2015 / #Media Coverage

How could a good and effective governance of the judicial system be achieved?

Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov comments that technologies are the future for the effective governance of the judicial system, in a discussion organized by...

01.05.2015 / #Projects

Roundtable on Electronic Evidence at EuroJust, 11 - 12 May 2015

Join the roundtable organised by the EVIDENCE consortium to share your knowledge, your opinion and to help brainstorming on how new technologies could...

09.04.2015 / #Media Coverage

The Supreme Judicial Council develops the legal amendments in the area of electronic summoning

The legal changes empower the judicial authorities to deliver acts and documents electronically and establish the right of the parties to be summoned...

01.04.2015 / #Projects

Two-days Expert Meeting with Italian LEA and Judicial Authorities

Within the activities of the EVIDENCE project we have organized a special meeting in Florence for the benefit of the WP4 ‘Technical Issues’ research.

26.03.2015 / #Expert activities

IDC IT Security Roadshow 2015

Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, Chairman of Law and Internet Foundation participated in the IDC IT Security Roadshow 2015 as a lecturer on the topic of e-I...

26.03.2015 / #Media Coverage

It’s wrong to talk about identification with electronic signature

It’s wrong to talk about identification with electronic signature, commented Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, Chairman of Law and Internet Foundation du...

26.03.2015 / #Media Coverage

Soon there will be electronic power of attorneys and e-notary publics

That would be files with structured information. The electronic Power of Attorney will be able to be withdrew and then its effect will be able to be t...

22.03.2015 / #Projects

MAPPING Round Table: Open Innovation in the Proprietary World

On March 19, 2015, the Round Table on Open Innovation in the Proprietary World was held by the MAPPING consortium in Geneva.

15.02.2015 / #Projects

MAPPING Round Table: Privacy, Personality and Business models

The first event of the MAPPING Roundtables series was organised by the Institute for Legal Informatics of the Leibniz University in Hannover (IRI LUH)...

11.02.2015 / #Projects

EVIDENCE Steering Committee Meeting

On the 9th and 10th of February 2015, a full two-days Steering Committee Meeting was hosted by the Institute of Legal Informatics in Hannover, Germany...

15.12.2014 / #Projects

MAPPING Policy Observatory launched

MAPPING Policy Observatory has been launched earlier this week.

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