Status: Current


DATAMITE delivers a modular, open-source and multi-domain framework, to improve DATA Monetizing, Interoperability, Trading and Exchange, in the form of software modules, training and business materials for European companies, empowering them to become new relevant players in the data economy. The activities to be conducted under the project will not only achieve interoperability with leading storage technologies but also provide intuitive graphical interfaces, detailed documentation and tailored training materials addressing both technical and business aspects.

The project will start by studying the requirements posed from pilots and select existing building blocks from data platforms and the open-source community while series of components are constructed that leverage their functionalities. Building blocks will also be integrated in order to enable smooth data sharing alternatives, thus easing data interoperability. The modules will integrate different building blocks that provide required functionality along with a series of components that enable organisations to improve their data management in the dimensions of governance, quality, security. A series of tools are also developed, providing support regarding privacy, storage, etc.

Consortium consists of twenty-three partners from twelve different EU Member States (MS) – ES, DE, IE, EL, PL, NT, EE, BG, AT, PT, IT, FI.

The DATAMITE project is coordinated by Instituto Tecnológico de Informática, Valencia, Spain and is implemented with the support of the Horizon Europe Programme of the European Commission under Grant Agreement № 101092989.