Law and Internet Foundation implemented several legal trainings for a total number of 2200 trainees and actively participated in the development of the Bulgarian law and „being in the practice” professionals.

Amongst the Foundation’s more important projects are: trainings and consultations on issues related to the implementation of the Cadastre and Property Register Act through consultations and trainings of the employees of the Registry Agency, real estate registry officials, notaries, representatives of the Ministry of Justice, etc., for a total number of more than 750 participants whose activities are connected to the use of the new Property Register (2006); a large-scale training of all of the Bulgarian real estate registry officials the country as part of a project of Ministry of Justice (2010), etc.

In the end of 2010 Law and Internet Foundation (in partnership) started a project for training of regional and local authorities on legal and financial issues related to the adoption of resources under the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds (incl. public procurements, state aids, financial management and control, audit, etc.), publicity and information, project management, European Territorial Co-operation, Public-private partnership (PPP). The total indicative number of trainees is approximately 2880 experts within 150 trainings all over the country.