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01.07.2020 / #Projects

The pilot testing of the “FAIR” application continues

As part of the implementation of the "FAIR" Project, the second of the tablets, which will be used in the detention facilities by the police and detai...

24.06.2020 / #Projects

Online Seminar in the Scope of FAIR Project Marked a Success

On the 23rd of June LIF organized an online event with a special guest lecturer – Prof. Georgi Mitov.

24.06.2020 / #Expert activities

What are our copyrights when we upload content to the Internet?

Dr. Martin Zahariev, legal expert at the Law and Internet Foundation, in an interview for "Ask BNT" on the Bulgarian National Television.

18.06.2020 / #Projects

The first virtual event under E-PROTECT II project took place on the 17th of June

The webinar’s topic was ‘Child-friendly justice in time of pandemic’. The event has promoted the methodology’s standards on child-friendly justice dev...

11.06.2020 / #Projects

The Book “Enhancing the Right to be Present” is now published!

The Book “Enhancing the Right to be Present” elaborated within the PRESENT project has been finally published. The monograph is the final output of th...

11.06.2020 / #Projects

The pilot testing of the “FAIR” application has started

As part of the implementation of the "FAIR" Project, the first of the tablets, which will be used in the detention facilities by the police and detain...

10.06.2020 / #Projects

Current EU actions on relocation of unaccompanied children within the European Union

Migrants’ reception in the European Union has become a particularly topical subject in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and related financial and eco...

28.05.2020 / #Projects

The second transnational meeting on the DEEP project was held online

Law and Internet Foundation took part in the second transnational meeting on the DEEP ("Digital Entrepreneurship for Employability Paths") project.

27.05.2020 / #Projects

Calls for papers – Elsevier computer networks special issue

As a follow-up to the SecSoft workshop, GUARD (together with other projects) is co-organizing another interesting Call for Papers.

19.05.2020 / #Projects

Fourth MIICT Consortium Meeting

The fourth MIICT Consortium Meeting took place on 14th of May 2020, conducted fully online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

17.05.2020 / #Projects

(Cyber-)Crime in the Time of Corona

Within just a few weeks public life has come largely to a halt across all European Member States.

14.05.2020 / #Projects

The EMPLOY Consortium is working zealously on the content of the mentoring platform

Despite the unpleasant circumstances, which developed in the last two months, all of the partners from the EMPLOY Consortium work diligently from home...

10.05.2020 / #Projects

Joining forces to tackle the ethical, legal and societal aspects of data-driven policing solutions

In January 2020, COPKIT participated in a workshop organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME)...

07.05.2020 / #Projects

“Staying ahead of the curve” – Data-driven policing tools to combat crime and terrorism

Terrorism and organised crime are evolving phenomena with high societal impacts.

05.05.2020 / #Projects

The EMPLOY Consortium has launched the mentoring e-Hub

Last week the EMPLOY Consortium launched the mentoring e-Hub which aims at improving employability skills in a wide and diverse form.

05.05.2020 / #Others

Webinar "Electronic Evidence"

Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, Chairman of Law and Internet Foundation, conducted an online live training on the Attorneys Training Center "Krastyu Tsonch...

02.05.2020 / #Projects

Smart algorithms to fight crime better than in “Breaking Bad”

COPKIT is developing data-driven policing technologies to support Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in preventing, investigating and mitigating crime an...

30.04.2020 / #Projects

GUARD Architecture: Introducing new paradigms in cyber-security

Following the progressive introduction of virtualization paradigms first and cloud models later, architectures for implementing digital services have...

29.04.2020 / #Expert activities


Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, Chairman of Law and Internet Foundation, and Dr. Martin Zahariev, Expert at Law and Internet Foundation, with newly publish...

29.04.2020 / #Projects

DEEP Project is looking for followers

The aim of DEEP Project is to increase the chances for professional success of the students in the field of vocational education and training by devel...

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