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29.07.2021 / #Projects

The EMPLOY Info Day was conducted under the EMPLOY project

Today (29th of July) the team of Law and Internet Foundation successfully conducted the multiplier event EMPLOY Info Day: Presentation of EMPLOY Mento...

27.07.2021 / #News

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Martin Zahariev at Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Martin Zahariev will be a guest at Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

27.07.2021 / #Projects

Focus Group was conducted under A4 project

Today (27th of July) the team of Law and Internet Foundation (LIF) has carried out a focus group under the framework of Crossing borders for effective...

18.05.2021 / #Projects

The piloting of the DEEP training materials was successfully conducted in Bulgaria

Last week the experts of Law and Internet Foundation conducted online the “Test and Validation Phase” of the training materials which were developed u...

17.05.2021 / #News

Extracting data from mobile phones (and the Cloud)

On Wednesday 19 May 2021, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm Brussels time, PrivacyRules has organized a live webinar about extracting data from mobile phones an...

05.05.2021 / #Others

Law and Internet Foundation became part of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

Law and Internet Foundation is now a partner of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children!

27.04.2021 / #Projects

A4 project was kicked-off

26.03.2021 / #Projects

Sign up for the COPKIT webinar on the legal and ethical issues of crime detection on the Dark web

Join us next week in the COPKIT online seminar, which will discuss the approach in our work in terms of its legal, ethical and social aspects.

26.03.2021 / #Expert activities

Locating mobile phones in critical situations

Can mobile phones be located lawfully in life-threatening situations? Comment on the topic with the lawyer Denitsa Kozhuharova, Head of the Human Righ...

25.03.2021 / #Projects

The online event organized under the SEYW Project was held on the 23th of March

On the 23th of March was held the online event “Good Practices of Social Entrepreneurship in Europe: Past, Present & Future" which was organize under...

25.03.2021 / #Projects

The 2nd day of the E-PROTECT II International Workshop was held on the 24th of March

The 2nd day of the E-PROTECT II International Workshop was held online on the 24th of March, gathering more than 260 participants, including professio...

12.03.2021 / #Projects

The iCare Consortium has launched the website of the project

This week the Consortium has launched the iCare website on which you can find more about its objectives, the partnership, the upcoming results, and...

23.02.2021 / #Media Coverage

Technology creates a new type of public relations that need to be regulated

Professor Dr. Georgi Dimitrov, Chairman of Law and Internet Foundation, representative for Bulgaria of the ItechLaw Association, was a guest on the sh...

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