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15.04.2018 / #Projects

CARISMAND Fifth Citizen Summit in Lisbon, Portugal

The CARISMAND Fifth Citizen Summit took place on 14 April 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.

10.04.2018 / #Projects

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Ilieva-Koleva took part in the round table "Interaction on Cyber Security Between Science, Business and Government"

On April 5, 2018, a round table "Interaction on Cyber Security Between Science, Business and Government" was held at the State University of Library S...

03.04.2018 / #Projects

Blend-IN Kick-off Meeting

On the 28th of March 2018, the Blend-IN project held its Kick-Off Meeting in Athens, Greece. During the meeting the partners discussed the project...

20.03.2018 / #Projects

PRESENT project is now present in social media

Check out and join our PRESENT Community to follow the project’s progress and updates.

09.03.2018 / #Projects

The EVIDENCE2e-Codex Project was Kicked Off

The kick-off meeting of the EVIDENCE2e-Codex project took place on March 7-8, 2018 in Florence, Italy.

07.03.2018 / #Projects

Law and Internet Foundation took part in the CARISMAND Third Stakeholder Assembly

Rosaliya Kasamska, a Researcher at Law and Internet Foundation, participated in the CARISMAND Third Stakeholder Assembly that was held in Lisbon on 27...

26.02.2018 / #Projects

Blend-IN: The Newest Project for Law and Internet Foundation

Today, 26th February 2018, is the official start of the project Blend-IN: Intercultural Management and Communication for Youth. The project Blend-I...

21.02.2018 / #Projects

Stop Youth Radicalization (StopR) Focus Group

A focus group organised by Law and Internet Foundation was held on February 20, 2018 based on the ongoing StopR project.

19.02.2018 / #Projects

Be Euromentor’s pilot mentee!

Law and Internet Foundation invites you to become a formative part of the MYNNOVA project by engaging as a pilot mentee with the mentoring platform.

19.02.2018 / #Projects

Final MAPPING General Assembly and Steering Committee Meeting took place in Malta

On 12-14 February in Malta was held the Final General Assembly of the MAPPING project. During the event the partners presented most of the project’s o...

13.02.2018 / #Projects

The MAPPING Awareness Campaign was presented at the Final General Assembly of the MAPPING project

During the first day of the Final General Assembly of the MAPPING project in Malta, the Executive director of Law and Internet Foundation, Daniela Ili...

12.02.2018 / #Projects

The EXTREMA Project was Kicked-Off!

The kick-off meeting of the EXTREMA project took place in Athens on February 9th.

31.01.2018 / #Projects

Joint Staff Training of the ATSIV project

On 24th of January in the Greek capital, Athens, the co-operative work on the ATSIV project started, focusing on the game, which will help the train...

22.01.2018 / #Projects

The MAPPING Surveillance Event was held in Rome on 18 and 19 January 2018

The meeting on 18 and 19 January 2018 presented thе 'MAPPING draft legal instrument on surveillance' and encouraged open discussions among the partic...

19.01.2018 / #Projects

CITYCoP Arrives in Ireland!

A new law enforcement partner with two new exciting pilot locations are being planned as the project moves into its last and most exciting phase bef...

18.01.2018 / #Projects

Euromentor platform is launched!

Experience the strength of the mentoring effect!

18.01.2018 / #Projects

INFORM Community Launched in Social Media!

Now the project is available on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

17.01.2018 / #Projects

The PRESENT project had its official Kick-off meeting!

Law and Internet Foundation, coordinator of the PRESENT project, warmly welcomed the rest of the partners for the first project work meeting.

12.01.2018 / #Projects

Join the ProLegis Survey!

Law and Internet Foundation is conducting a survey in relation to ProLegis implementation.

02.01.2018 / #Projects

Become our external evaluator within the PRESENT project

Law and Internet Foundation, invites you to submit your application for the position of external evaluator within the PRESENT project.

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