Law and Internet Foundation actively takes part in elaboration of analyses contributing for implementation and observing of e-governance requirements in various administration on national and local level; in introduction of contemporary technologies in the judicial system; in legal enforcement of the Electronic Governance Act, the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, the Electronic Commerce Act, the Commercial Register Act, the Electronic Communications Act and their secondary legislation as well as other acts in the information and communication technologies area.

Law and Internet Foundation experts assist in the development of information society in Bulgaria, in provision and optimization of electronic administrative services for the citizens and the business through their consultations and analyses.

Among the more interesting projects are the CONSENT Project that seeks to examine how consumer behaviour and commercial practices are changing the role of consent in the processing of personal data in popular user-generative/user-generated (UGC) online sites (including sites like MySpace, YouTube and Facebook) as well as the SMART Project which combines a technical review of key application with a review of existing pertinent legislation with the aim to analyze the smart surveillance technologies.