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03.10.2022 / #Projects

The NESTOR train the trainers sessions were launched in Greece

In September, the project coordinator KEMEA held the first two trainings of the trainers in Thessaloniki and Larissa, Greece.

29.09.2022 / #Projects

The final meeting of the iCare project was successfully held in the heart of the EU

The final meeting of the project Legal Cooperation and Family Mediation to Improve the Situation of Children in International Child Abduction (iCare)...

22.09.2022 / #Projects

Mobility for youngsters in Sofia was held

This week (19 - 24th Sept 2022) our team hosted a mobility under the Sardegnagol project, dedicated to promoting youth policies through information an...

12.09.2022 / #Projects

Initial meeting between our team and representatives from FRA and CоЕ

We are proud to announce that today 12th of Sept, an inception meeting between our team (Law and Internet Foundation - LIF) and representatives from E...

07.09.2022 / #Office

Legal Researcher Wanted

Law and Internet Foundation is growing, and we are happy to announce that our team is opening a position for a full-time Legal researcher.

01.08.2022 / #Projects

Survey as part of social research

Law and Internet Foundation is carrying out social research regarding the condition of youth in Bulgaria.

21.07.2022 / #Projects

"Risks in virtual space" training

27.06.2022 / #Projects

NESTOR Interim Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

On the 22nd and 23rd of June the NESTOR partners met in Sofia and conducted the interim project meeting.

24.06.2022 / #Projects

The NESTOR project was presented at Sofia Municipality

The team of Law and Internet Foundation presented the NESTOR project to a working group at Sofia Municipality.

22.06.2022 / #Projects

E-PROTECT II partners gathered in a hybrid mode to discuss the successful implementation of the project and what lies ahead

The team of Law and Internet Foundation hosted the Final Work Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 21st of June 2022. Some of the partners joined online...

09.06.2022 / #Projects

LEAGUE: The questionnaire is now available online

One of the main goals of LEAGUE is to develop a platform and а chatbot that will provide useful information and answer to basic questions related to o...

08.06.2022 / #Projects

INNOCENT was successfully virtually kicked off

On the 07th of June 2022 Law and Internet Foundation as a leading partner has officially launched the EU-funded project INNOCENT via virtual kick-off...

18.05.2022 / #Projects

The Final National MeetUp was held yesterday in Sofia

On the 17th of May 2022 the team of Law and Internet Foundation (LIF) held the final MeetUp in Bulgaria. The format was shifted a bit in comparison to...

05.04.2022 / #Projects


30.03.2022 / #Projects

The NESTOR Newsletter was launched today

Today the team of Law and Internet Foundation in strong collaboration with the project partners launched the NESTOR Newsletter.

25.02.2022 / #Projects

Find out about International Child Abduction cases in the EU and how the rights of the child are guaranteed in the latest report on the iCare project!

You could find out more about how countries in the EU are handling international child abduction cases and implement alternative methods for conflic...

24.02.2022 / #Projects

Introducing the NESTOR Project to directors of Greek prisons

On 18 February 2022, a videoconference took place in the context of the ongoing implementation of the innovative educational programme "NESTOR – A Nat...

16.12.2021 / #Projects

iCare Plenary Meeting was conducted

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